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Generate Outline-Driven Proposals and SOWs with SalesDoc Architect

You probably already know that SDA (SalesDoc Architect) can generate outstanding, automated client facing documents.  But did you know that there is another way to produce these documents that allows for more flexibility and customization? Traditionally,...

SalesDoc Architect Automates Qualification and Discovery

CorsPro can automate your qualification and discovery processes in SalesDoc Architect. Using the Qualification and Detailed Discovery modules, SDA provides the necessary automation to deliver detailed proposals and scopes of work tailored to individual needs while avoiding any ambiguity that could lead to scope creep.

SharePoint and SDA

Powering Collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint & CorsPro’s SalesDoc Architect

Here at CorsPro, we recognized just how many hands are involved in the sales process. From the salesperson’s discovery, to the engineer’s detailed configuration, then off to the VP of Sales for pricing approval, and more … there had to be a better way to connect, provide visibility, and hasten the sales process. That’s why we are so excited to announce our recent integration of CorsPro’s SalesDoc Architect (SDA) with Microsoft SharePoint for document management and workflow automation.

The Growing Pains of Mergers and Acquisitions in Sales Organizations

When you work for a sales organization, you want to see your company grow. Sometimes companies grow internally so they must open more offices to better serve their larger base. Other times, companies grow via mergers and acquisitions. When growth is a result of mergers and acquisitions, be ready for some unexpected growing pains.

Secret Costs in Your Sales Process

When it comes to technology sales teams, there are some pretty obvious costs to having an incomplete presales process. Whether it’s lost sales opportunities, frequent staff turnover or the implementation of incorrect solutions, there are a lot of ways that having an insufficient process can reduce your bottom line. Read about 3 secret costs that could be ruining your sales process.

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