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Helping our users get the most value from their SalesDoc Architect investment is a major objective for the CorsPro Client Services Team. Browse the on-line SalesDoc Architect support resources listed below.  You will find the answers to most frequently encountered issues and questions.

On-line SalesDoc Architect Support Resources:

Contact your company’s Architect Manager

Your Architect Manager is an excellent internal resource and most familiar with your company’s SDA implementation.  They should be able to assist with many SalesDoc Architect support issues such as permissions to access network drive, PC configurations and folder locations, security policies and passwords, etc.

Architect Managers are experts on the company’s SDA and can easily address issues that are unique to the company’s SDA implementation which may include custom tables, adjusting workflow rules, modifying custom outputs, changing calculations, or other such issues.

Contact CorsPro Support

Our CorsPro support team members are available to assist you between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our support team will work with you or your administrator to help; however, a more detailed phone call may be needed.*

We can be contacted by any of the following channels:

*This may be considered a billable service to your company, unless the issue is determined to be a bug in the CorsPro software.

Thank you for the continuing opportunity to serve you – we are glad to have you as a CorsPro Client!

Support Team

CorsPro Support Team

The CorsPro support team focuses on the core SalesDoc Architect, SDA Cloud, and Architect Manager functionality. For “bug-related” support with core SDA functionality, contact us via our support request page or send an email.

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