We want to do more than sell product.
We want our clients to succeed –
and that’s the way we’ve structured our business.

Company History


Founded in 2003 to serve a few small sales organizations, CorsPro today provides software as a service to some of the biggest names in the technology industry.

The company’s customer base has been growing over 30% per year, and the boutique’s expert staff has been carefully expanding to meet demand. But the story of CorsPro is about long-term commitment, trust and a culture which drives the highest level of service in the industry. We attribute our success to these factors, which have been a focus since our founding, and remain so today.


Brian Cors

President and CEO

Brian is the innovator and visionary behind CorsPro. He is committed to investing the tools and resources into keeping CorsPro on the forefront of innovation and is always looking for new partnerships and ways to streamline and automate sales processes.

Ken Plummer

Vice President, Client Services

Ken’s focus is to lead and support a team around customer consulting, implementation, and support. Ken and the client services team are enhancing the already world-class implementation services provided to SalesDoc Architect (SDA) customers.