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RFP Response Builder is a module within SalesDoc Architect

SalesDoc Architect (SDA) automates and streamlines your entire sales process. Your sales team will collaborate better and use SDA’s automation to generate customized proposals, statements of work, and other sales documentation eliminating mistakes and scope creep that can erode margins long after the sale.

Click the bullets below to learn how SDA brings sophisticated automation to your sales process in these unique ways:


Automated Solution Configuration

Using rules and workflows, SalesDoc Architect automates complex solution configuration of equipment and services based on each customer’s unique requirements. With SalesDoc Architect, you can:

  • Auto-configure products and services based on user inputs
  • Override and adjust auto-calculated product and service quantities, and add “write-in” items
  • Break out optional-purchase items
  • Calculate pricing on configured items using a variety of approaches – including top-down (category-level) and line-item bottom-up pricing based on discount, markup and margin – along with built-in goal seek functions

Workflow that Optimizes Profitability

SalesDoc Architect utilizes Excel formulas to create rules and workflow logic starting at the initial configuration level.  Workflows can be programmed to automatically include products and services that are often forgotten.  Answers to qualification and discovery questions can drive solution configuration rules and also flow into output documents such as proposals and statements of work.  Workflow rules can also be used to require engineer or management approvals based on margin, total sale price, product configuration scenarios, or any variety of conditions.

Pre-programmed workflows minimize the chance of an incomplete or inaccurate proposal going out the door leading to problems and margin erosion down the road.

Read how one company save $100,000 in margin using SalesDoc Architect workflows.

Automated Document Generation

SalesDoc Architect builds and generates various outputs based on the configured solution.  Proposal, statement of work and other document content is auto-generated based on the configured equipment and services part numbers. In addition, customer answers to qualification and discovery questions, user inputs and workflow rules can drive document content to include in output documents such as:

  • Discovery memos that confirm customer requirements
  • Executive summaries that address how the proposed solution addresses the customer’s needs
  • Proposals that win more deals
  • Statements of Work that clearly set customer expectations
  • Implementation documents that define exactly what the implementation team needs to deliver

Click to watch how SalesDoc Architect’s discovery-driven automation makes creating sales documents a breeze.

Content Management and Automation

Document content is stored and managed in SalesDoc Architect’s content library. Products and services are managed in SDA’s Part Master and can be associated with document content so that the content is auto-included in proposals, statements of work and other outputs.
You can also program the Excel components within SalesDoc Architect to calculate content including:

  • Bullets
  • Paragraphs
  • Tables
  • Charts

Using SalesDoc Architect’s Dynamic Content Creator, the Excel-programmed elements are automatically intermixed with the document library content to create rich, illustrative document outputs that are highly customized for the particular solution, and to the particular customer.

In addition to administrator-programmed content, end users can dynamically add “one off” content to further customize outputs for content that can’t be programmed or automated. This one-off content is not added to the generated output documents, but rather to the core solution quote so that this content will be re-generated when the outputs are re-generated.

Click to watch our webinar showing Dynamic Content Creator in action.


Management and Reporting with SDA Dashboard

Our cloud-based SDA Dashboard provides sales and management with a clear view of all sales activities, and is the portal to opportunity and quote management. The Dashboard shows the quoted activities within the sales pipeline – and at what stages – and provides the launching point for creating and updating quotes. The Dashboard houses all your reporting needs, allowing you to:

  • Filter quote and opportunity data
  • Forecast sales
  • Export data to Excel
  • Create customized views of quote and opportunity data

Take a deeper dive into SDA Dashboard to learn more.


Mobile and Offline Access

SalesDoc Architect is comprised of both desktop and cloud components.  The desktop components include Microsoft Excel and Word. We’ve architected SalesDoc Architect so that many tasks can be accomplished offline, including quote creation, products/services configuration and document generation.  Once a user is back online with the internet, quote and output files are automatically pushed to central locations – including Microsoft SharePoint, network drives or cloud drives – and quote/opportunity data is pushed to the cloud-based SDA Dashboard.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be used to access and use the SDA Dashboard, or to manage quote files and document outputs in SharePoint.

Learn how SDA’s mobile/offline file management boosts collaboration


Integrated with Familiar Tools

SalesDoc Architect is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, with Excel and Word as its cornerstones. Because Excel formulas are used to drive workflow logic, configuration rules, and calculated content, Excel-proficient subject matter experts (SMEs) can easily and continuously improve their SDA implementation instead of hiring expensive programmers. In addition, SDA can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, enabling better collaboration and file management.
In addition to Microsoft, SDA integrates with:

  • Manufacturer and Distributor tools for importing pricing and configurations
  • CRM (including Salesforce and Tigerpaw) to:
    • Push CRM opportunity data to an SDA quote
    • Push SDA quote information to CRM opportunity record
    • Push CRM opportunity data into SDA Dashboard
    • Search opportunities and associate opportunities within an SDA quote file
  • Back office solutions utilizing export functionality and custom direct integrations


Updateable and Customizable

SalesDoc Architect’s modularity makes it easy to update and refine.  Each SDA component can be updated independently of the other, allowing subject-matter experts to make changes to appropriate content modules. These can then be assembled together just before a combined update is distributed to users.

Our cloud-hosted updates function automatically updates users with no need for manual installer updates or a corporate network connection.  As long users have access to the internet and there are updates waiting for them, user machines will automatically download and install the updates.

Our proprietary Excel-based quoting engine not only allows our clients to program configuration rules, workflow logic and calculated content, but we have built the engine so that Excel tabs within any quote file can be added, updated and replaced on a modular basis.  With SalesDoc Architect, you don’t need monster Excel files with lots of tabs that address every situation; SDA allows you to bring tabs into quote files conditionally and as needed.  This allows our clients to create tabs for different purposes such as product configuration, labor configuration, qualification, discovery and financing.

SalesDoc Architect provides clients with tools – including the Excel and Word toolsets – to highly customize their setup.  For more advanced needs, CorsPro offers professional services to create custom applications that link with the core SDA solution, as well as custom integrations with front and back office solutions.

The Best of the Desktop and Cloud, Offline and Online

SalesDoc Architect is not a software package that sits solely on a user’s desktop or is only accessible when a user is hooked into the internet. SDA brings together the best of both worlds. SDA’s desktop component allows users to configure customer solutions and generate various sales outputs (e.g, memos, proposals, scopes of work) while offline. Then, once back on-line, quote and output files are uploaded to the network drive or SharePoint location for others to view and collaborate on.  The SDA Dashboard provides users with access to their quotes, opportunities and associated files from anywhere in the world.

SalesDoc Architect integrates every proposal-related task into a single platform that spans from the desktop to the cloud, drastically reducing the time spent on each proposal and its associated activities. Tasks that typically take hours are reduced to seconds, with more accuracy and consistency in the solutions developed and outputs generated.  Most importantly, SalesDoc Architect helps you win more deals with rich, illustrative and customized proposals, and boosts margins with statements of work that set clear expectations and prevent scope creep.

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