Setting Up the Embedded Manufacturer Proposal Tab


This tab is a template we are offering to clients to use in their SDA environments.  The Embedded Manufacturer Proposal Tab is designed for clients who use a manufacturer’s on-line quoting tool (e.g. for cloud-hosted solutions).  This tab enables you to use your manufacturer’s on-line tools but still provide a proposal to your customer that has your branding and communicates the other solutions you offer along with any wrap around services you might provide.

The tab uses outline-driven content (where Word outputs are generated by SDA’s Dynamic Content Creator based on content “outlines” contained within SDA Quote Files).  By customizing this tab you can control the style, flow, and content of your third-party proposals.  This guide will step you through how to set up the tab to include the additional content that you want these proposals to include like:

This tab is free as an SDA client.  This guide provides the steps for setting up the tab in your environment and is easy to do.  If you don’t have time, you can contact your CorsPro representative or for help on a pro services basis.

Get Started!

Administrators can use the instructions below to set up this tab in their SDA environment.  We have even included instructions for your users that you can copy, edit for your specific setup and distribute (see User Instruction Template below).