Insert the Third-Party Proposal into Outline

There are two ways for users to bring in the third-party file generated by the manufacturer’s online quoting/proposal tool, depending on the file format of the file:

  1. through Insert >> Doc Section for Word documents
  2. through Insert >> PDF File for PDF documents

Add Vendor Proposal Placeholder

The user will need to insert the manufacturer quote/proposal file themselves into a live SDA quote.  However, as the Admin, you can enter a placeholder on the prebuilt outline for where this should go.

    1. On the RAW Tab, in the Outline go to the row into which you want users to insert the third-party quote/proposal file within your flow of content.
    2. Type a reminder into the “Content” column line for your users
      • Example: < insert Embedded Mfr Proposal File here >
    3. You can also add a note (see next section) or cell comment with more directions.

Note:   The row with the proposal placeholder will not disappear when a user adds the manufacturer proposal in a live quote.  The row however will not generate any text as indicated by the lack of a checkmark in the “Include” column.