Best Practices

The CorsPro blog is here to provide ideas, valuable insights and creative solutions for the presales process.

Quick Start and CorsPro Architect Manager Services – Your One-Two Punch to Knock Out the Competition

The best projects are those that can be accomplished quickly without compromising quality. Add on one that almost maintains itself and you’ve got a winner. CorsPro provides our clients this type of one-two punch when it...

How to Create Winning Proposals

A proposal is your chance to influence, persuade, and ultimately convince your prospect. That means you need to appeal to the thing they most care about and are interested in. I’ve got a one-word clue for what that is: “Themself”. Not you, not your products and services, and not your marvelous NOC. Your proposal should totally focus on the challenges your customer is facing and your solution to fix them.

AutoSaving and AutoNaming Your SDA Files – From Chaos to Order!

Have you ever built a customer proposal quote, saved it somewhere, and then couldn’t find it? Do you have a directory full of files named “Quote1”, “Quote2” etc. but don’t recall which one is for which client? Setting up a naming scheme for your quotes, outputs, and folders makes sense and it helps you maximize your time and energy.