Quick Start and CorsPro Architect Manager Services – Your One-Two Punch to Knock Out the Competition

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August 21, 2018

The best projects are those that can be accomplished quickly without compromising quality. Add on one that almost maintains itself and you’ve got a winner. CorsPro provides our clients this type of one-two punch when it comes to implementing SalesDoc Architect for automating the sales process and supporting our clients after implementation. We call these our Quick Start implementation process and the CorsPro Architect Manager Services (CAMs) program.

Punch 1 – Getting you set up

When we on-board a customer we employ our 4-stage Quick Start process to get customers up and running quickly in the first phase of implementing SalesDoc Architect. On average, customers spend one hour a week over the course of 6 weeks with the CorsPro Client Services team to get set up.

The four stages of the Quick Start Setup are:

  1. Start – send us your tools, rules, and documents
  2. Weekly Review – check-in and touch base; this is when we ask any questions we have to the customers and vice versa
  3. User Testing – test out SDA in the real time, generate outputs, and compare new quotes to older quotes
  4. Completion –Project is finalized and all tweaks from user testing have been completed. SDA is ready to be deployed to your users. Start selling more in less time.

SDA Quick Start Implementation Process

Quick Start Benefits

  • Easy – Implementing CorsPro in less than 6 weeks, requiring less than an hour a week of your time
  • Custom without the wait – Customized based on individual organization needs leveraging your tools and documentation
  • Effective – Automated proposals, SOWs, and contracts
  • Quick – All the benefits of SDA in just six weeks

Customers are thrilled when they realize just how quickly – and painlessly – they can start maximizing the benefits of automating their sales process with SalesDoc Architect. Too many times customers will say they made excuses for not moving forward with implementing SalesDoc Architect sooner. They assumed that something like this would take forever to set up and deploy. If you’ve ever implemented a CRM or any back-office system you know how painful it can be. And it’s never done quickly – but SDA is different. We are able to move more quickly through the implementation process because our combined industry experience, best practices, and by leveraging the documentation and processes customers already have in place.

Common feedback we receive from customers after using CorsPro Quick Start is:

A painless process! We provided documentation we had on hand already and they were able to derive most of their information from that instead of hours and hours of meeting explaining how we wanted things set up”

CorsPro understood my industry and had best practices in place that I could leverage…we provided our pricing worksheets, contracts, and proposals and they came back with some questions. It was that easy.”

“Using Excel as the user Interface made it easier for our users to adopt and use. The QuickStart method gave us a quick turnaround from start to finish – we were able to start using it in 2 months. Now we are thinking about what else we can put into CorsPro.”

Punch 2 – Post-implementation support

Another reason customers give for not moving forward is the perceived amount of time it will take to maintain and update SalesDoc Architect on an on-going basis. Once SDA is customized and deployed, we offer clients a support program that helps to maintain their SalesDoc Architect solution

In some cases, our clients lack the time to stay current with SDA maintenance and make the modifications to keep up with their rapidly changing industry. We created the CorsPro Architect Manager Service (CAMs) program to support these key administrative functions for you.

CAMs provides peace of mind and resiliency to your organization by handling the core administration and maintenance of your SalesDoc Architect configuration. By ensuring your team is utilizing the most recent version of SDA, your team has access to:

  • the latest performance enhancements
  • bug fixes
  • manufacturer content updates

CorsPro Architect Manager Services Benefits

  • Less work and worry for your organization
  • Budgeted hours for new features or changes
  • Included customization hours are at a discounted rate
  • Assistance with monthly manufacturer content merge
  • Guided installation of SDA software for new users or a user moving to a new machine

Our clients who take advantage of the CAMs program have the following to say:

I like knowing that I have pro services hours available every quarter to make changes and that its budgeted in – in my business, things are always changing.”

It’s one less thing to worry about – I have CorsPro take care of all of the administration and the discounted labor rate is a bonus.”

“Our Architect Manager became too busy to continue maintaining our software and making changes; it was a no-brainer to use the CAMs program and it’s been a breeze ever since.

Knock out! The winner is you

With CorsPro’s one-two punch, you are sure to knock out your competition. The Quick Start process will have you up and running with a minimum of your time invested and on average within six weeks. After implementation, the CorsPro Architect Manager Services are available to help with post-implementation support and additional updates.

For more information, download the Quick Start Implementation fact sheet

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