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January 2022 Updates


Do your order processing or operations teams have difficulty determining the “final version” documents for large projects?  Now you can mark documents as final versions in the Dashboard.

You can mark documents as final by checking the selector box for the appropriate document(s), then selecting Mark as final version under the Actions menu.  We’ve also added a Sort by File Type by Quote option under the Actions menu so that you can sort the view by Quote ID, File Type and last modified date (descending), which makes it easy to find and then mark the most recent document for each File Type.

The Mark as final version and Sort by File Type by Quote actions are available in the Documents view as well as in the Opportunity and Quote pop-outs of the Opportunities view, accessible by clicking the Opportunity ID or the Quote ID within an opportunity.

Once documents have been marked as “final”, your order processing or operations teams can easily filter the Documents view to show only final version documents by selecting Yes in the filter box for the Final column.

New Actions Menu Items in the Opportunities View

We’ve added a few new items to the Actions menu in the Opportunities view of the Dashboard, including…

  • Update Stage, which allows you to select one or more opportunities, then update the sales stage.  When you update the sales stage, the default close probability will be auto-populated, which you can then change as you wish.
  • Reassign Opportunity(s), which allows you to reassign one or more opportunities to another owner, which is especially useful when salespeople leave your organization.

New File Link Right-Click Options

You can now right-click on any file link within the Dashboard to reveal options to either OPEN or DOWNLOAD the file.  The file link right-click option is available in the Documents view as well as in the Opportunity and Quote pop-outs of the Opportunities view.



New Outputs Debug Mode

Generate Doc from Outline (debug mode) has been added as an output option, accessible in the desktop menu system via Help => Support Functions.  This function enables admins to test and debug doc sections in the SDA Library and/or RFP Response Builder Library, along with seeing the variables that exist within any doc section.

To use this functionality…

  • Insert any “outline” tab containing a DocContent named range (see “Outline-Driven Content” below for more information).  If you don’t have an outline-based tab, please contact so that we can send one to you.
  • Use Insert => Doc Section to insert the doc sections you’d like to debug.
  • Generate the output via Help => Support Functions => Generate Doc from Outline (debug mode).

Did you know that you can see all of the SDA doc sections included in any particular output in a file called output.csv that’s located in your C:\CorsPro\PropGen\Data_[UserName] folder?  First, generate the output that you’re trying to debug so that the output.csv file is generated.  Next, open up the output.csv file and insert into the outline tab the doc sections listed in the output.csv file; you’ll see the doc sections listed at the top of the output.csv file where it says “Section” in column A.  Finally, run the Generate Doc from Outline (debug mode) menu option.