Use SDA to Ease the Pain in Your Statement of Work Process

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April 23, 2020

If you find that your statement of work (SOW) process is way too painful, you are not alone. Lots of companies are shifting away from boiler-plated, generic SOWs and moving to a document that provides a detailed description of the deliverables. But they are finding that building a meaningful SOW is painstaking and takes way too long.


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Custom Scopes of Work – while providing better details – do have their drawbacks:

  • It takes too long to put custom scopes of work together
  • Mistakes are easily made when you are cutting and pasting information
  • It’s hard to remember all the things you need to include
  • Each person in your organization does it a little differently


Avoid SOW pitfalls by delivering a document that protects you and your customer. Let your discovery process drive your complex technology proposals and statements of work.  Watch this video to see how CorsPro’s SalesDoc Architect uses all-at-once automation to create customized proposals and detailed statements of work.

From Start to Finish

What’s the best way to safeguard that your discovery process will drive a solid statement of work? By automating it. With CorsPro’s SalesDoc Architect, you can program questions, rules and workflows to ensure that all statement of work questions and issues are addressed in advance. The answers to the pre-programmed discovery questions become the basis of the statement of the project to be provided, which is then communicated in the proposal and statement of work that you deliver to your customer.

Furthermore, when using an automated process, answers to discovery questions can drive configuration logic that auto-calculates the required labor hours. Answers to discovery questions not only build your proposal but also your statement of work. Using the example of a communication solution, discovery answers automatically build the type of communication solution required, including number of users, required labor AND equipment and licenses. Your statement of work should reflect this information, therefore providing an accurate description of the project’s scope.

All-At-Once Automation

Discovery-driven automation takes all the information related to customer requirements, needs, areas of pains, etc., then compresses it and all-at-once automates several steps so you can:

  • Drive customer-specific labor and material pricing based on answers to discovery questions
  • Auto-generate documents like proposals and statements of work
  • Easily change pricing and proposal/SOW documentation
  • Modify information in one place, instead of modifying the same information in several places as is the case without automation
  • Feed content to your executive summary, post-discovery customer emails, proposals, and SOWs


Using a familiar Excel interface, SalesDoc Architect’s discovery module steps you through the information that needs to be gathered from the customer. Next, the collected data is automatically fed into calculations that auto-configure products, services and labor, and then into the content of the documents you generate from SalesDoc Architect.

For example, let’s assume that during the discovery phase you find out that the customer is going to handle their own data network for the implementation, meaning you don’t need to add any additional data networking labor to the labor total. By selecting “Customer” as the answer to the “Who will manage the network?” question, SalesDoc Architect automatically includes SOW language stating that the network is the customer’s responsibility.

Included with all SDA Subscriptions

All of this functionality is included with your SDA subscription.  So, what do you need to get started? Reach out to your CorsPro representative or contact to get started. We will provide you with the tab template that you can use as the starting point to customize with your own information.



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