Transform Your NEC Anytime Studio Quote into 5 Different Outputs

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May 17, 2016

Origami-crane.jpgHave you ever taken a plain piece of paper and turned it into an Origami Crane? You are taking an everyday object and transforming it into something unique and beautiful. Now, stay with me – have you ever taken an ordinary list of part numbers, parts descriptions and pricing and transformed them into something else?

SmartAutomation is the Origami of Proposals

Using CorsPro’s SalesDoc Architect (SDA) and its SmartAutomation, you can transform your NEC configuration file into a variety of customer-facing sales documentation and internal documents. SDA’s SmartAutomation takes the NEC Anytime Studio part numbers to compile the information to create a(n):

  1. Detailed, customized proposal with updated NEC proposal information with financing or managed services
  2. Statement of Work outlining reseller and customer responsibilities
  3. On-going support and maintenance agreements
  4. Customer form such as Change Order, Customer Acceptance, Work Authorization, etc.
  5. Internal Order Entry import file

Built to Save You Time

SalesDoc Architect is built on the Microsoft platform with an Amazon Web Service (AWS) component. This allows for maximum usability and flexibility. The AWS component allows for cloud-based opportunity reporting and management along with CRM integration – including integration with Salesforce, Tigerpaw, and other CRM/ERP solutions.

On average client surveys indicate our client users save over 9 hours a week while experiencing a 33% revenue boost. SDA allows NEC resellers to focus on the job at hand which is converting potential clients to happy long-term clients.

Download a sample of a combination NEC Proposal/Statement of Work or contact CorsPro for more information on how CorsPro can transform your NEC sales process so you can sell more in less time.

Download Sample NEC Proposal/SOW

Want to see how we use SmartAutomation to create this and other proposals?  Contact us for a demo.