SDA Dynamic Content Creator – Better, Faster, Stronger Proposal Content

Discovery Process, Proposals, Sales Proposals, Scope of Work
December 11, 2018

Introducing the latest SalesDoc Architect functionality –Dynamic Content Creator. As its name implies, SDA’s Dynamic Content Creator dynamically configures, combines and pushes different types of content to Microsoft Word outputs such as proposals and statements of work. You can configure content in numerous ways:

  • Based on user inputs or answers to discovery questions
  • Triggered by specific types of solutions or part numbers configured
  • Inserted ad hoc by a user for a particular quote or proposal

How Does Dynamic Content Creator Work?

The Dynamic Content Creator (DCC) can:

  • Drive solution configuration based on answers to a list of discovery questions
  • All-at-once automate product configuration, labor configuration, proposal content and statement of work content based on answers to discovery questions
  • Enable users to select from a built-in list of prospect needs and issues – and dynamically insert additional needs/issues –and push that content to proposals and other outputs
  • Guide users through the process of building a compelling executive summary for the proposal that addresses the prospect’s specific challenges and needs

The DCC can take this information and automatically format it based on user selection to create:

  • Bullets and sub-bullets
  • Paragraphs
  • Headings
  • Tables
  • Images
Screenshot of SDA Dynamic Content Creator functionality and Scope of Work output
SDA Quote file pushing dynamic content into a Scope of Work

Administrators can set up “stock” content elements and program content configuration rules. Users can go beyond the stock content by dynamically inserting ad hoc content on a quote-by-quote basis.

Using SalesDoc Architect’s Dynamic Content Creator, the Excel-programmed elements are automatically intermixed with the document library content. This creates rich, illustrative document outputs that are highly customized for the particular solution, and to the particular customer.

Benefits of Dynamic Content Creator

Because Dynamic Content Creator functionality is an inherent part of SalesDoc Architect, the arduous task of writing and generating a fully customized proposal and scope of work is more automated. Sales people are no longer limited to the manufacturer-included content only to add in customer-specific or one-off pieces of information in the Microsoft Word output.  All information is formatted and included in the SDA Quote file.  The quote file becomes the central receptacle for configuration, labor, output content,etc.  By modifying the fields in your SalesDoc Architect quote file and making use of SDA’s dynamic content creator, you only have one area to make the changes. Those changes then flow through to update pricing, content, and documentation. So, when your customer decides it’s a better idea for you to handle the network, you aren’t stuck remembering to add that to the updated proposal and SOW.

Watch Dynamic Content Creator in action below. See how quickly you can go from Discovery to a detailed Scope of Work.

For more information on CorsPro’s Dynamic Content Creator and discovery-driven automation, send us an email.