You Need This – Next Level Discovery-Driven Proposal Automation

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September 19, 2018

Sitting down with a customer for a discovery meeting is an important step in the sales process. How great would it be if the information gathered during discovery could do more than guide you to the right solution for the customer? What if it could be the catalyst for bringing the rest of the steps together, altering the labor and material pricing and setting up the documents you need? With SalesDoc Architect’s discovery-driven proposal automation you can drive more sales while spending less time in your sales tools and document creation chaos.

Let Your Discovery Drive the Process

Discovery-driven automation takes all the information related to customer requirements, needs, areas of pains, etc., then compresses it and all at once automates several steps so you can:

  • Drive customer specific labor and material pricing based on discovery meeting findings
  • Auto-generate documents like proposals and statements of work
  • Change pricing and documentation easily by modifying the customer data in one location
  • Feed content to your Executive Summary, post-discovery customer emails, proposals, and SOWs

SalesDoc Architect uses its discovery module to step you through the information that needs to be gathered from the customer using a familiar Excel interface. Next, the collected data is automatically fed into pricing calculations for products, services and labor, and into the content of the documents you generate from SalesDoc Architect.

For example, during the discovery phase you establish that the customer is going to handle their own data network for the implementation. This means you don’t need to add any additional data networking labor to the labor total. Furthermore, the scope of work would automatically include language stating the network is the customer’s responsibility and what that includes – maybe even a network assessment waiver.

As we know all too well, quotes are rarely one and done. New information is always being uncovered through the process and with SalesDoc Architect that’s not a problem. By modifying the fields in the SDA Discovery module, and making use of SDA’s dynamic content creator, you only have one area to make the changes. Those changes then flow through to update pricing, content, and documentation. So, if that customer decides that it would be a better idea to have you handle the network, you aren’t stuck rewriting the proposal and SOW.

Save Time and Your Sanity

Sales already understands the importance of the discovery step. Being able to easily echo this information back to the customer shows you were listening. It demonstrates you are diligently considering the customer’s current environment, needs, and objectives when recommending the best solution. Discovery-driven automation provides this level of customer satisfaction and so much more.

  • Save Time
    Have the Discovery step do most of the work for you
  • Happy Customers
    Set the right expectations up front in a well prepared, customized SOW
  • Drive More Sales
    Have more time to spend on customer interactions and less time in the process, in your sales tools and in document chaos

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