RFP Responses Made Easier

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January 11, 2021

If you ever wondered if there was an easier way to respond to RFPs, there is.  RFP Response Builder takes the repetitive and time consuming tasks out of the RFP process.

Easy to Use.

RFP Response Builder works within Word and Excel, making it easy to use and quick to learn for your users.  You can respond directly within the RFP by double-clicking to add content from the library.  No more endless searching through old RFPs for an answer you’ve already provided or spending countless hours reformatting the content.  You can also create standard templates for stand-alone RFP Responses that let you pull together specific responses using standard cover pages, company info, etc.

Easy to Manage.

Library content is managed through user roles.  Specified users are allowed to quickly add content by highlighting the content in Word, clicking the Add button and (optionally) assigning categories to the new content.  Managing content has never been easier.  You can sort content by modified date so you can see when content needs to be updated or refreshed.  Users can also submit content for review which flags the administer(s) to review the content.

Quick to Get Started.

Unlike a lot of other RFP Response software and tools, RFP Response Builder is easy to implement and learn.  Content is kept in a Builder Library that all users have access to.  Adding content to the library is a breeze, and getting started is super-easy: you might simply start by adding new content to the library while you are responding to your next RFP, then easily categorize your content at a later time.  We chose simplicity and speed over a fancy 3rd party interface. RFP Response Builder’s features and functionality are built into the tools you use every day, so user adoption is maximized.

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