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What Is RFP Response Builder?

CorsPro’s RFP Response Builder dramatically reduces the time and effort required to respond to RFPs. Built with speed and ease-of-use as its primary objectives, RFP Response Builder provides powerful features to manage RFP responses and quickly add/update content in the Builder Library for use in future RFP responses.


With CorsPro’s RFP Response Builder, you can…



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Search for and Inserting RFP Content

Users can insert content from your Builder Library, a local drive, or shared file locations like the network or SharePoint.  The Builder Library is searchable, and insertion into the RFP response document requires a simple double-click .  You don’t need to search through files and documents to find the answers you’ve used on previous RFPs.  Also, it’s easy to add answers from previous RFPs and any new content to the library: just highlight the content and click “Add”.  This makes it super-easy to respond to RFPs and build your content library.

Builder Library

The Builder Library contains the text, tables, and graphics that can be used in responding to RFPs.  Content within the library can be easily edited by selecting it from the search window and clicking “edit”.  The content will pop up in a separate Word document where you can make your changes.  Users can search the library by category, sub-category or key words and can double-click to insert the content into any document.

The “Divide and Conquer” Approach

By using the Outline feature in the RFP Response Builder, you can shred or break-up the RFP document into sections and assign them to members of the response team.  Then you can send emails to team members with hyperlinks to edit their sections.  The sections that they edit will feed directly into your outline when the final response document is generated.

Email Notifications to RFP Team Members

RFB Response Builder integrates with SharePoint, providing you with no-hassle content updates. Members of your response team will receive an email with links to the content that need to be reviewed, edited, or updated. The team member edits the section and the updates are pulled directly into your RFP Response.

View and manage RFP sales opportunities via SDA’s Dashboard

RFP Response Builder works with SalesDoc Architect (SDA) to track and manage your RFP response opportunities.  Our cloud-based SDA Dashboard provides users and management with a clear view of all sales activities and is the portal to opportunity and quote management. The Dashboard shows the quoted activities within the sales pipeline – and at what stages – and provides the launching point for creating and updating quotes. From the Dashboard you can filter quote and opportunity data, forecast sales, export data to Excel, and create customized views of quote and opportunity data.

Benefits of Integrating with SalesDoc Architect

RFP Response Builder – working in tandem with SalesDoc Architect (SDA) – allows you to automate complex solution configuration of equipment and services based on each customer’s unique requirements. With SalesDoc Architect, you can:

Benefits of Integrating with Microsoft SharePoint

RFP Response Builder integrates with SharePoint, auto-saving all RFP related documents to SharePoint.  You can easily track content updates and progress as well as access version history (view, edit and/or restore previous versions).  Utilizing SharePoint’s workflow functionality, users can obtain sign-offs and update alerts.  SharePoint also allows for users to simultaneously edit documents (SharePoint Online only) and access documents without requiring a corporate network connection.  Our SharePoint integration enables you to…



Watch a Quick Video Overview of RFP Response Builder

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