Creating and Updating Configuration Tabs

SDA makes it easy to create Excel-based product configuration tabs that users can bring into quotations via SDA’s Get Tabs button.  Using Excel’s built-in formula elements and other functions to configure products and services from within the production configuration tabs.

The AM Admin can create drop-down boxes and data validation cells to except user input that can in turn be referenced within Excel formulas on the product configuration tab.

In conjunction with adding parts to the Excel-based product configuration tabs, also add the part numbers on the product configuration tab(s) to SDA’s Parts Master table, either one at a time via the Parts Master data grid, or en masse via SDA’s Import Function.

When configuration tabs are brought into live quote files using the Get Tabs button, SDA blends the data from the Part Master table into the product configuration tab.

CorsPro provides templates for creating new product and proposal configuration tabs.


All product configuration tabs should:

Styles are mentioned several times within this Help topic, and are used to facilitate the formatting of cells.

The CalcdCell style can be used to properly format configuration logic cells in Column A within a product tab so that the cell is protected and has a bold black font.

To access these styles:





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