How to Use Outline-Driven Tabs

An Outline-Driven Tab allows users to decide what doc sections to include in their document outputs.  Plus, they can easily add other content to the outline like documents from a network drive, sections from the SDA Library, PDFs, images, text paragraphs and bullets, etc.  When the user generates their output document, all the content that the user has added to their outline is assembled into a single Word output document.

Overview of Creating an Outline Driven Document

  1. Choose your Doc Template to set the formatting for your output by going to Add-ins >> Insert >> Doc Template.
  2. Start adding content by going to Add-ins >> Insert >> …
    • Bullet – to insert a bullet into the outline
    • Sub-Bullet – to insert a sub-bullet into the outline
    • Paragraph – to insert a paragraph into the outline
    • Heading – to insert a heading into the outline
    • Doc Section from your personal drive, network drive, SharePoint, SDA Library or Builder Content Library (within the RFP Response Builder module).
    • Image File – to insert an image into the outline
    • PDF File – to insert a PDF into the outline
    • Pricing Schedule – to insert the SDA pricing schedule into the outline
    • Excel Named Range or Chart – to insert a range or chart from within the SDA quote file
  3. To generate your Output go to Add-ins >> Outputs >> Generate document from Outline

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