Add a Bullet, Sub-Bullet, Paragraph or Heading to the Outline

You can add bullets, sub-bullets, paragraphs and headings to your Outline.  These items will be inserted into the output Word document using the style of the Doc template.

  1. Click on the cell under the Content column where you want to insert your content.
  2. Go to Add-ins >> Insert
  3. Choose either:
    • Bullet
    • Sub-Bullet
    • Paragraph
    • Heading: choose the type of heading you’d like to insert.
  4. Enter the text you want displayed as the bullet, sub-bullet, paragraph or heading in the Content column.

Note:  You may need to play around with the different Heading options to see which one works best for your output.

Example:  In the example below we inserted a Heading 1 with a page break; this means that a page break will be inserted before the Heading.  We entered “Phone Types for this quote” as the text for the Header 1.


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