Inadequate Presales

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Problems with Inadequate Executive Summaries

If we were given the opportunity to show only one part of a proposal to a prospect, we would show them the executive summary. This is your opportunity to prove to them that you understand their business, challenges, the underlying cause of those challenges, and how you’re going to solve them. However, most sales teams either don’t include an executive or it is poorly written. Read about the 5 most common mistakes made with inadequate executive summaries so you don’t make them too.

Why a Good Sales Qualification Process is So Important

Most organizations will say they have a qualification process. But whether or not it’s documented, being specifically and actively used is another story. Without asking the right questions, it’s very difficult to know if your solution is treating the symptom or the problem the prospect is trying to eliminate. Here are 3 main issues with most qualification processes

Inadequate Presales Can Lead to Misconfigured Solutions

Ultimately the job of technology solution providers is to leverage technology for business outcomes. It might surprise many solution providers that an adequate presales process plays such a vital role in implementing those solutions. Without a solid quote process that leads to a detailed proposal and accurate scope of work (SOW), it’s incredibly difficult to ensure the solution is configured correctly to what the customer needs. Read about the three ways inadequate presales process leads to misconfigured solutions.