The Benefits for Sales People using Better Statements of Work

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May 26, 2020

In our previous articles (article 1 and 2 in 3-part series) we have addressed the concerns about doing statements of work (SOW) the old way and the benefits of using Dynamic Discovery in SalesDoc Architect (SDA). In this article we’ll take a look at how this looks from the sales person’s perspective.


Take a closer look at discovery-driven automation in action!


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All of this functionality is included with your SDA subscription.

Benefits for sales people using SDA Generated SOWs

  • I don’t get myself in trouble due to items that should or should not have been included in the SOW; this eliminates mistakes that I used to make
  • Putting my statements of work (SOWs) together is so much easier now
  • An SDA-generated SOW is a selling tool that sets us apart from our competition
  • Now we can deliver customer-specific and project distinct information in our SOWs
  • For managers, everyone is on the same page; we no longer have an issue with everyone doing it their own way
  • My customers understand what we are doing and what we are not doing, and the expectations are clearly set


The Dynamic Discovery Tab

In SDA, content for the SOW is automatically generated based on responses to discovery questions on a Dynamic Discovery tab.  The Dynamic Discovery tab is divided into sections that make sense for your business. Users make selections (e.g. include/don’t include, etc.) and enter information as needed based on the project specifications. The user selections and entries on the left side trigger the text on the right side that should be included in the SOW (indicated by a check mark). This makes it easy for users to see what is and what is NOT included in the SOW. These selections and entries can also drive labor estimates (optional).


Sample Dynamic Discovery Tab


Insert Function

SDA’s Dynamic Discovery functionality enables users to dynamically insert text, documents and even graphics so that the statement of work for a specific customer can be customized beyond the “templated” content. Users can insert additional custom content into the SOW including:


  • Bullets and sub-bullets
  • Paragraphs
  • Headings, which are formatted in Word according to Word’s heading styles
  • Images such as network diagrams
  • Doc files (from SharePoint or a shared network location)
  • PDF files, which inserts images of each PDF page into a Word output page, with images sized to either fit the entire page or to fit within the margins


How to Get Started

All of this functionality is included with your SDA subscription.  So, what do you need to get started? Reach out to your CorsPro representative or contact to get started. We will provide you with the tab template that you can use as the starting point to customize with your own information.

Get all of these great features with SDA’s Dynamic Discovery:

  • Parts and quantities can be calculated based on the selections made on the tab
  • Users can add notes, paragraphs, bullets, and sub-bullets to the tab that will auto-output to the Word-based SOW document
  • Users can incorporate document files, graphics or PDF files; for example, you might add manufacturer information on the fly by inserting a document file, or you might insert a network diagram image
  • Labor can be auto-calculated based off of user choices


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This article contains content about features or functionality that clients can implement on their own.  If clients need training, design or implementation assistance, our normal labor rates will apply.