SharePoint Integration Setup Instructions

Update:  Please note that with the enhancements made to the Dashboard, there’s an easier way to set up Auto-Saving rather than in the BaseInfo Tab.  See File Auto-Saving in the Admin Guide for SDA Dashboard.

Integrating SharePoint and SalesDoc Architect

1. Setup Your Site Collection

2. Determine Your Site Collection – to store your SDA quote files and outputs




Setup Options to Auto-Save Quote Files and Outputs to SharePoint:
If you don’t want to Auto-Save quote/output files to SharePoint:

3. Create your site collection

4. Add SDA metadata columns to your site collection – facilitates searches and filtering

NOTE: if you are modifying an existing SharePoint site collection rather than setting up a new site collection for SDA – and we’d strongly recommend that you set up a new site collection for SDA – then you’ll need to add above columns manually to the Documents view of the existing site collection, then go to Site Settings, Save site as template to create a template named “CorsPro” for the site collection, which is required for the auto-site creation functionality so that the SDA metadata columns can be created for those auto-created subsites.


5. Modify your Base Info tab to save to SharePoint

   Add “FilePlatform” named range:

Define where in the SharePoint site the quote file and associated outputs will be saved.

Recommended Options:

RECOMMENDED: Auto create subsites for each opportunity.  All quote files and associated files will be saved to the auto-created subsite.

Note: &OpportunityID& is replaced with the auto-generated opportunity ID (e.g. 10085) by the system

Alternative Option

Alternative Option

Alternative Option

6. If Autosaving quote/output files

Verify that the following exist so that quote and output files can temporarily be saved to the local drive before they’re transferred to SharePoint:

Note:  Further details on setting up auto-saving for quotes and outputs, see the “Auto-Saving Files” topic within the Architect Manager User Guide