RFP Response Builder is the fast and easy way to responds to RFPs.

RFP Response Builder relieves the burden of repetitive tasks, freeing up your resources, and keeping your RFP content up to date.


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Stand-Alone Module

Do you wish there was a fast and easy tool that could take away the time-consuming repetitive tasks associated with responding to RFPs?  Well now you can!  Introducing RFP Response Builder by CorsPro.

We chose simplicity and speed over a fancy 3rd party interface. With RFP Builder you have the features and functionality right in the tools you use every day. Our add-on features work within Word and Excel so you can see your results real-time.

It’s easy to add content to the RFP Content Library and easy for users to insert content from the library directly into their documents.

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Add-On Module for SDA Customers

CorsPro has been helping customers build content, pricing and proposals for years.  Now we’ve put our heads together to develop a tool that leverages SDA functionality to help customers respond to RFPs.  It’s like the content building function in SDA on steroids.  Instant game changer!

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