Dynamic Content Creator

The Dynamic Content Creator dynamically configures, combines and pushes different types of content to Microsoft Word outputs such as proposals and statements of work. Content can be configured in many ways, including…

The Dynamic Content Creator can be used to…

Content Types include:

Administrators can set up “stock” content elements and program content configuration rules. Users can go beyond the stock content by dynamically inserting ad hoc content on a quote-by-quote basis.

User Instructions

Users can dynamically insert content into any Dynamic Content “block”, which looks something like the following with the Content Types listed in the last column on the right:

Select one or more rows within the Dynamic Content block, click Insert on the SDA menu, then select the type of content you’d like to insert:

If you select multiple rows before inserting content, SalesDoc Architect will insert that number of rows of the selected Content Type.  If you choose to insert “Image”, SDA will ask you to browse for the image file that you’d like to incorporate into your output.

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