Top Benefits of Integrating Tigerpaw CRM with SalesDoc Architect

Tigerpaw CRM
September 4, 2012

If you’re investigating whether or not to complement Tigerpaw with SalesDoc Architect to improve your document generation capabilities – particularly proposals and scopes of work – you want to make sure that the benefits far outweigh the costs of investing in the SalesDoc Architect solution. Are there compelling benefits that will impact the bottom line, you ask? Is it worth my company’s time and attention? The answer is YES.

Take a look at the significant benefits gained by several CorsPro clients who chose to pair SalesDoc Architect with their Tigerpaw CRM system for a TOTAL Solution to generate better proposals, scopes of work and other sales AND create sales-to-service delivery workflow efficiencies, ultimately translating into higher sales and lower costs.

Benefit #1: You Can Save Time and Provide a Faster Customer Response

Integration between CRM and quote/proposal generation through SalesDoc Architect means that users can start a quote in Tigerpaw and then merge the customer information directly into SalesDoc Architect without re-keying any data. This functionality equates to BIG time savings for our mutual clients:

Site Services, Inc. (SSI): “Being able to start a quote in Tigerpaw and then merge the customer information directly into SalesDoc Architect is amazing — it saves us so much time…. Our process is more efficient, so we’re able to create more proposals, and get them to customers more quickly as well.” “SalesDoc Architect encourages our sales reps to enter their leads into Tigerpaw because once they do that first step, they can simply pull the information into SalesDoc Architect to begin a quote or full-blown proposal with no re-keying required.”

BSB Communications (BSB): “The team absolutely loves the ability to go into Tigerpaw then be able to push the address and contact information into SalesDoc Architect. It saves them a lot of time typing in the information only to find they’ve typed in the wrong phone number or something. Everybody uses that daily.”

Benefit #2: You Can Produce More Accurate Proposals (and Avoid Costly Sales Mistakes)

With no re-keying of data between systems, proposal accuracy increases. This feature, together with SalesDoc Architect’s automated solution configuration capabilities and integrations to vendor and distributor tools make accuracy of proposals (and avoidance of costly sales mistakes) a slam dunk…

SSI: “SalesDoc Architect’s automation features help to fool-proof the process by ensuring accuracy and providing consistent, quality content.” “As a result [of SalesDoc Architect’s integrations], proposal accuracy has gone up and pricing errors and omissions have gone down, saving the company on these costly mistakes.”

BSB: ““The accuracy of quotes has gone up dramatically. Previously, reps were missing things that were very costly.”

Benefit #3: You Can Streamline Quote-to-Order Workflow and Inventory Management

Integrating proposal generation with CRM also increases ordering accuracy and improves inventory management so that companies can save time with order processing and avoid ordering equipment that they already have on hand…

SSI: “We can get a proposal started quickly and then push information back into Tigerpaw for ordering after the sale is complete — all without re-keying any of the information.”

BSB: “Having that accurate output from SalesDoc Architect in our inventory system in Tigerpaw allows us to know when and what to order. It is saving our inventory person an unbelievable amount of time.” “Using SalesDoc Architect and the tight integration with Tigerpaw CRM, we have one cohesive process for proposals, ordering and commissioning of the solution sale/services, without having to manually re-key data at any point in the process.”

Benefit #4: You Can Increase Proposal Throughput with More Chances to Win Business

Our clients have found that with an integrated, highly efficient sales process, they are able to create more proposals, get them to customers more quickly, and close more deals…

SSI: “I believe that the [56%] increase in proposals going out the door has been a result not of increased demand but of productivity gains from our newly integrated sales process.” “We can propose easily and efficiently AND we have a more professional proposal going out the door – with a better chance to close the deal.”

BSB: “Today our sales reps can generate a proposal as short as 10 pages or as long as 70 pages with just a click of a button. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had customers say that this is by far the best and most informative proposal they’ve seen to date among all the competitors.”

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