How Can Your Tigerpaw CRM Work Smarter?

Tigerpaw CRM
October 17, 2016

Tigerpaw_logo_cropped.jpgIn our last blog post, Make Your CRM Do More for You, we talked about gaining more productivity from your CRM solution rather than just using its contact functionality.  As I like to say, your CRM is more than just a glorified Rolodex of old. With the upcoming Tigerpaw Conference (Oct. 26-28, 2016) in Omaha, Nebraska, the timing seems right to look specifically at how you can gain greater productivity and efficiencies from your Tigerpaw solution.

Tigerpaw combines contact management, sales management, service management and inventory management into a single platform.  Built on a series of modules, Tigerpaw boasts being the only end-to-end solution for your business processes.  This is one of the reasons we decided to partner with Tigerpaw, creating a number of integrations between Tigerpaw and SalesDoc Architect (SDA).

SDA is a powerful sales documentation platform designed specifically for technology integrators that complements Tigerpaw by…

  • Auto-configuring turnkey solutions using easy-to-program configuration rules
  • Auto-assembling comprehensive, customized and graphically-rich Word-based proposals, scopes of work and other sales documents
  • Guiding user inputs via workflow rules so that configurations and related proposals and scopes of work are highly accurate and complete

Taking advantage of the integrations CorsPro has developed over the years gives you and your sales team a number of compelling benefits:

  • Benefit #1: You Save Time and Provide a Faster Customer Response  Integration between CRM and quote/proposal generation through SalesDoc Architect means that users can start a quote in Tigerpaw and then merge the customer information directly into SalesDoc Architect without re-keying any data. This functionality provides you BIG time savings.
  • Benefit #2: You Produce More Accurate Proposals (Avoiding Costly Sales Mistakes)  With no re-keying of data between systems, proposal accuracy increases. This feature, together with SalesDoc Architect’s automated solution configuration capabilities and integrations to vendor and distributor tools, make accuracy of proposals (and avoidance of costly sales mistakes) a slam dunk.
  • Benefit #3: Quote-to-Order Workflow is Streamlined, Improving Inventory Management  Integrating proposal generation with CRM increases ordering accuracy and improves inventory management. Companies can save time with order processing and avoid ordering equipment that they already have on hand.
  • Benefit #4: You Increase Proposal Throughput with More Chances to Win Business  With an integrated, highly efficient sales process, users create more proposals, get them to customers more quickly, and ultimately close more deals!

So how do we do it? With our integrations, you can…

  • Access the Tigerpaw pricebook within SDA. Using a direct link from SDA into your Tigerpaw price book, you can pull in pricing unique to your company or quote specific parts not included in the SDA database of parts or in your imported configuration file. The Tigerpaw pricebook becomes an additional resource within your SDA implementation – you gain the flexibility of using both pricing resources!
  • Export a SDA Quote back to Tigerpaw. It’s easiest to manage your client information when it’s all in one place – contact information, outstanding quotes, communications, etc. This SDA-generated export file contains all the relevant information your order entry needs to take the sale from quote to staging and implementation.
  • Import a quote from Tigerpaw into SalesDoc Architect. If you’ve already created a quote in Tigerpaw you can import it to SDA and get the additional benefits of SDA – like adding financing and managed services information, automatic labor calculations and peripheral configuration, and producing professional customer-facing outputs in Microsoft Word.
  • Associate SDA quotes with Tigerpaw sales opportunity. – Furthering the integration between Tigerpaw and SDA, the SDA Cloud component allows SDA end users to look up a Tigerpaw opportunity using the opportunity ID and pull that opportunity’s information into SDA.
  • Automatically push updated sales opportunity data. Coming in early 2017, SDA end users will be able to automatically push sales opportunity data from SDA directly back to Tigerpaw simply by saving the SDA quote file(s).

Whether you take advantage of one or all of these integrations you will quickly realize the benefits of marrying these two best-in-class platforms. Combine Tigerpaw with SDA and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind synergistic relationship!

For more information on the SDA-Tigerpaw integrations, download our SDA-Tigerpaw Checklist and learn how you can sell more in less time.

Take Me to the Tigerpaw-SDA Checklist