Engineering View

The Engineering View is used to update engineering and labor information associated with a part. In addition, items and documents can be associated with parts via the Engineering View.


 After updates have been made in the Engineering View, click the Save button to save all changes to the SDA database.



Engineering View Fields


RackType – Select the type of rack on which the item should be placed, if any.


RackHeight – Enter the number of rack positions/slots occupied by a single unit of this part number.


There are 45 rack positions on a typical 7-foot rack.



RackShelves – Enter the number of shelves occupied by a single unit of this item.


In many cases, items can be mounted to a rack and there is no need for a shelf.



VoltAmps – Enter the number of volt-amps for a single unit of this item that should be backed up via a UPS.


InstallHrs – Enter the number of installation hours associated with a single unit of this part.


DesignHrs – Enter the number of design hours associated with a single unit of this part.


MDF – Enter the cost per single unit of this part for materials related to connecting/installing the main distribution frame (MDF) for this part.


LaborCat – In the drop-down, select the LaborCat from the Labor Categories table that should be associated with the part. Labor categories are used to categorize the parts in the Parts Master database to total installation and design labor hours (which can also be associated with the part) against each labor category.


PartNotes – Click the Part Notes button to add or modify part notes that are accessible via the Get Part Notes button within SDA.


Part notes can simply be viewed and/or they can be inserted into customer outputs.








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