Integration with CRM

SalesDoc Architect can be set up to pull data from almost any CRM or contact management solution and push it into SalesDoc Architect.  This not only includes contact information, but can also include other data that can be used by SalesDoc Architect to drive solution configurations, pricing and proposal content.  This integration is available for SalesDoc Architect Pro subscribers only.

As long as your CRM or contact management solution can merge data into a Microsoft Word document, the SDA integration can grab that data and push it into SalesDoc Architect.  Moreover, you can push that data into any named range of any configuration tab within SalesDoc Architect, and SalesDoc Architect will automatically bring the required target tabs into your SalesDoc Architect file.

First, make sure that you are able to view the “Open SDA Quote” button in the Add-Ins menu in Word.  If you do not see the Add-Ins menu, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Developers Tab in Word. You may need to make the Developers Tab visible:
    • In Word for Office 365:  Right Click on the menu or tool bar to get to “Customize the Ribbon”.  Then click the box for the Developer menu and click “OK”.
    • In Word 2007:  Click the Office button (upper left), then Word Options (lower right), then Popular (in the left-hand pane), then “Show Developer tab in the ribbon”.
  2. In the Developers Tab, go to Macros.
  3. In the Macro window, click “RegenerateMenuForSDA” and choose “Run”.

Next, you’ll need to set up the Word merge document that your CRM or contact management system will merge into (we recommend that your SalesDoc Architect administrator create this document and place it in your CRM system or distribute it to all users).  You can create this merge document by creating a table in Microsoft Word with the following columns (in the following order):

Once you’ve set up this document, you’ll need to place the merge fields from your CRM or contact management solution into the “Merge Field(s)” column.  The process for inserting the merge fields into the Word doc varies depending on your specific CRM or contact management solution.






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