Each client/company will designate a person to fill the role of Architect Manager. This individual is tasked to set up SDA on the network. Each user will then need to download the software on their individual machine.

Users must install both the core SDA desktop software along with the SDA Cloud Services software.  When they open SDA via the desktop icon, SDA will prompt the user to register as an SDA Cloud user.  Once the user enters their email address and password, which is obtained in an email that’s generated by the admin via SDA Cloud, SDA will download and install the latest SDA application and client-specific content updates.

Cloud Hosted Updates

The Cloud Hosted Updates are hosted by Amazon Web Service (AWS) and are very secure, with encrypted (HTTPS) communications, encrypted server-fed passwords and user/client verification built-in.

The availability of updates is checked every few minutes and those updates are automatically downloaded and installed “silently” in the  background.  However, end users have the option to immediately download and install the updates via a menu selection.  The menu selection is found under Architect.

Beta Versions

Users can download “beta” versions of an update, as a means of testing out new content or functionality, if their admin instructs them to do so.

Allow full security rights to PQCheck.exe (in the PQuote folder) to reach out to via (https) software port 44303 so that SalesDoc Architect is able to update your license as necessary.

CAMS Program Clients Install Information

Install SalesDoc Architect

The input on this step is important, as it will be used as the default contact and company names on customer outputs (COVER PAGE) that are generated by SalesDoc Architect.

Open SalesDoc Architect

CorsPro is digitally certified as a commercial software publisher by Thawte, a respected code certification authority. The program code contained within SalesDoc Architect contains an encrypted digital ID that can be tied back to this certification, ensuring that users have received unaltered, original program code directly from CorsPro.

Additional Users

If you are an additional user who is being added to a machine that hosts multiple SalesDoc Architect users, you can add yourself to that machine by logging into Windows as the new user and opening up the SalesDoc Architect application; you do not need to follow the steps listed above.  However, you will be prompted to register as an SDA user and also to fill in the user information that will be used as contact information on proposals and other outputs.

To install the Word2Excel integration with your CRM or contact management system, see the Integration with CRM & Contact Management Systems Help topic.

For security purposes you should install SDA to a directory other than Program Files; we recommend installing it to c:\CorsPro.  On a single-user machine, the user should have full admin rights to the location where SalesDoc Architect is installed so that program and data updates can be applied properly.  On a multi-user machine, all users  MUST have persistent READ/WRITE/EXECUTE permissions to the User and PQuote\Data folders.  In addition, each user (whether on a single or multi user machine) should have full admin rights to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\CorsPro in the Windows Registry.  Finally, you should allow full security rights to PQCheck.exe (in the PQuote folder) to reach out to via (https) software port 44303 so that SalesDoc Architect is able to update your license as necessary.

Uninstalling SalesDoc Architect

Uninstall SalesDoc Architect using one of the following two approaches:


To remove ALL elements

In some instances when a user is experiencing errors with SDA and they reach out to Corspro support, it might be suggested to uninstall and reinstall the latest SDA Update.


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