Checklist for Architect Managers

Architect Manager Maintenance Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure your company’s investment in SalesDoc Architect is safe. If you ever need to recreate your system setup, this checklist will provide the information you need!

This is the link to your initial SDA setup file for end users, in case you need to install an end-user.


This is the link to or location of your initial content file, in case you need to re-install. Replace [ClientNameGoesHere] with your Client Name (which you can obtain in Architect Manager via File – Setup – Network Setup).


The safe and backed up location for the Winzip Pro, WinzipSelf-Extractor, and Winzip Command Line add-in setup files is: _________________________________________.

Record the Winzip programs registration information here:

WinZip Registered Name WinZip License Key
WinZip Self-Extractor Registered Name WinZip Self-Extractor License Key


Your Client Name and User Key (also available in AM via File- Setup – Network Setup)

Client Name: _______________________ User Key: ________________________

Data Backup Methods – you should be using one of the following:


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