Scope of Work

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Consistency is Key for Forerunner Technologies, Inc.

When Jim Wallace, COO, and Mike Viola, CFO, first started Forerunner Technologies, they had a simple philosophy – “consistency in everything we do.”  Located in Edgewood, NY, Forerunner Technologies has been around since 1989. They are a Triple Diamond NEC reseller dedicated to excellence and the implementation of technical expertise. They recently won the 2018 NEC Advantage Award in recognition

Following the Rules Helps Save $100,000 in Margin

Nobody likes rules and regulations – until you need them.  Picture’re a sales manager in your quarterly review with your sales and implementation team.  Looking at the sales for the quarter you see a startling trend that resulted in $100,000 in lost margin. Unfortunately, this is not a made-up scenario.  A Midwest-based technology integrator experienced this in Fall 2016. 

The Importance of a Well-Written Scope of Work

A scope of work (SOW) can help make or break an installation and implementation – financially that is.  Not clearly defining what is and is NOT included in a complex technology implementation leads to cost overages. It can also lead to a breakdown of customer and solution provider relationships.  In other words, this miscommunication can cause a customer to leave because

Raising the Bar on Technical Scopes of Work

“SDA is a hidden gem.  When our partners see this scope they know it is good, it is clean, it is something they can go to the bank on.” For over 26 years Communications Resources, Inc. (CRI) has been the premier VMware Virtual Solutions and Unified Communications specialist, providing Real Time Innovative Solutions. Technology resellers turn to CRI to provide

Eliminating Scope Creep with Tigerpaw and SDA

Advantel™ Networks (a ConvergeOne company) is a premier technology provider that designs, implements and maintains powerful converged communication and data network solutions to businesses worldwide. For over 30 years, Advantel Networks has focused on reducing infrastructure costs and simplifying IT administration for SMB to Fortune 100 enterprises. They focus on delivering critical business solutions and services, such as contact centers,