SalesDoc Architect Now Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint

Enhancing Sales Collaboration and the Proposal Process

RESTON, VA — JULY 14, 2018 Cors Productivity Solutions, Inc. (CorsPro), a leader in sales process and document automation software, announced today the integration between Microsoft SharePoint and CorsPro’s SalesDoc Architect (SDA).

CorsPro has developed a set of SharePoint automation features and functions that leverage SharePoint’s API, including automating the saving/uploading of quote and output files, SharePoint site auto-creation, and the upload of file-related metadata. All these features and functions are provided at no additional subscription charge to CorsPro clients.

“We’ve automated much of the remaining human-required work to spin up SharePoint sites and save/upload files. This complements SDA’s ability to configure and quote complex technology solutions and generate deal-winning proposals and expectation-setting statements of work that can be saved and managed in SharePoint,” said Brian Cors, President and CEO.

SharePoint is a collaboration and document management platform that users access via a web browser. It can be installed on an internal company server (the so-called “on premise” version), but the most feature-rich, modern, collaborative, integrated and cost-effective version is hosted by Microsoft as a component within its Office 365 subscription plans.

CorsPro is known for its ability to automate the pre-sales and post-sales processes, bridging sales and operations. SalesDoc Architect (SDA) helps CorsPro’s clients configure, quote and propose technology solutions to their customers. SDA allows its clients to sell more in less time at higher profit margins and with increased customer satisfaction.

“Integrating with SharePoint is a natural evolution for SDA given SharePoint’s robust collaboration features and file handling capabilities,” says Cors. “File handling is an important aspect of SDA since it is deeply integrated with Microsoft Office and generates outputs, including proposals and statements of work, as Word and Excel files.

Because Microsoft has developed a deep, feature-rich application programming interface (API), it allows third parties to create applications that integrate with SharePoint. SDA generates – and auto-saves into SharePoint – outputs such as proposals, statements of work, work authorization documents and contracts, all requiring signatures.

“We sought a document management solution with e-signature capabilities,” said Cors. “Fortunately, industry-leading companies like DocuSign and Adobe have developed e-signature services that integrate with SharePoint, making it easy for customers to buy products and services simply by e-signing proposals and work authorizations. E-signature was a big request from our clients and prospects.”

For more information about CorsPro’s SalesDoc Architect and its SharePoint integration, visit “Turbo-charge Collaboration with SharePoint and SalesDoc Architect” to view a recorded integration demonstration.


Founded in 2003, Cors Productivity Solutions, (CorsPro) is the maker of SalesDoc Architect™, document automation software that enables project-based technology resellers to produce differentiated proposals, statements of work and other sales documents with just a few mouse clicks, helping them to sell more in less time.
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