CorsPro Architect Manager Services

What is the CorsPro Architect Manager Services (CAMs) program?

CorsPro Architect Manager Services is an administrative support program for current clients who desire to outsource SDA maintenance and updates to a CorsPro professional.

How does CAMs work?

Clients subscribe to CAMs to allow CorsPro to support key SDA administrative functions. CAMs consist of a 3-month subscription that complements your SalesDoc Architect subscription. The CAMs subscription will auto-renew every three months. Customers may also change subscription type before the next renewal.

Note: CAMs programs will automatically renew every (90) days.  Customization hours not used within the 90 days will not roll-over to the next quarter.

Benefits of CorsPro Architect Manager Services

CAMs provide peace of mind and resiliency to your organization by handling the core administration and maintenance of your SalesDoc Architect configuration. By ensuring your team is utilizing the most recent version of SDA, your team has access to:

CAMs complements CorsPro’s other offerings including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in the CAMs program?

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