User Update Management

Content updates are pushed out to users via a Cloud-Hosted User Updates process.  Architect Managers Administrator can set user update management parameters to:

Tell users to update tabs older than a specified date – Check the box then select the date used as the basis for determining “old” tabs that should be updated.

If the entered date is May 5 and the version date of a tab within a quote file is April 15, then the user will be prompted to replace the old version of the tab with the new version, if a newer version exists.

Users can update all tabs within a quote file to the latest versions by selecting Update Tab(s), then Replace ALL out-of-date tabs (using current user inputs).

REQUIRE users to update old tabs – Check the box to REQUIRE users to update tabs older than the date specified above. If users are required to update old tabs, they will be prevented from generating outputs until they update out-of-date tabs.

AM Administrators can generate outputs for a user’s quote file with out-of-date tabs by temporarily unchecking the Require users to update old tabs box on the admin machine (and clicking OK), generating the output(s), then re-checking the box (and clicking OK)

AM Administrators should construct tabs so that they are easily updatable and user inputs on the old version of a tab can be properly pushed to the new version of a tab.

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