Set Pricing Defaults

The Set Pricing Defaults View is used to establish pricing-related defaults for the SDA implementation.

Material burden rate – Enter the material burden factor (if any) to apply on top of the purchase cost for all parts.

The burden rate is only applied to parts for which costs are calculated by SDA, and not to items in the Parts Master that have “hard-coded” costs. If not using a material burden factor, this value should be set to “1”.

Goal Seek on – Select (via the drop-down) whether to have the Goal Seek function in SDA to solve for total margin, or just for equipment margin.

VAR List Markup to MSRP – Enter the default markup over VAR List to calculate MSRP. This value is applied to all parts with a Vendor Discount Category basis of VAR List that have a VAR List price associated against the part but do NOT have an MSRP associated against the part.

Include surcharges in totals – Displays totals at the top of quote file tabs (i.e., the red summary line) that include surcharges (such as taxes, etc.) rather than totals before surcharges, which is the default.

Get pricing from import file by default – Enables managers to set this default centrally rather than requiring users to set this default individually via User Setup.

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