Set Passwords

The Set Passwords View is used to set the following passwords:

Client Maintenance Password

Enter the password to use to protect files and outputs. The maintenance password should be known by very few individuals within your organization, and is used to protect files that the normal SDA end user should not be able to open and/or unprotect.

The maintenance password is used to protect the “raw” versions of the Excel-based product configurators and forms that you create so that your SDA end users can’t open up and modify these files.

To be presented with the maintenance password when opening Architect Manager, check the Require password when opening Manager box.

Because SDA uses the maintenance password to unprotect the “raw” versions of the product configurator and forms files when SDA brings a configuration tab into a quotation or creates an output that is based on a form, make sure that the maintenance password on the Architect Manager Setup View is synchronized with the password to protect the product configurator and forms files. If changing the maintenance password in Architect Manager, also change the protection password for all configuration tabs and forms files that are created or updated by AM (configuration tabs provided by CorsPro use a different password).

Client Salesperson Password

Enter the password for the SDA end users to use to open saved SDA quotes and protect output documents that are sent to customers.

Client Proposal Password

Enter the password that should be used to protect output documents. Like the maintenance password, the proposal password should be known by very few individuals within the company.

SDA end users can revise output documents:

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