Documents (Library Manager)

The Library Manager is used to add, modify and delete the document sections that form the basis of the proposals and statements of work generated by SDA. Documents within the library will be inserted into the generated proposals and statements of work based on the specific configuration within SDA. The order of document insertion is based on the Order field within the document section table.

Document sections are configured by SDA based on configuration logic contained within a document generation tab, or based on how documents have been associated with parts and items. Depending on the configuration logic within a proposal generation tab, and the parts and items configured within a quotation, SDA will insert the associated document sections.

Doc Template Manager

The Template Manager manages the templates that form the basis of every output (Word) document that is generated by SalesDoc Architect.  Templates define the font styles that are used for “normal” text as well as section headers (“Heading 1”, etc.) that appear within documents and their tables of contents.  They also define how the first (“cover”) page of the document will look, as well as the headers and footers for the first and subsequent pages of the output document.

Please refer to the Doc Template Manager help topic for specific instructions on updating template documents within the Library Manager document library.

Structured Proposal Content Manager

The Structured Proposal Content (SPC) Manager manages product-related proposal content data that is stored in discrete components.  When a user generates a proposal output, SPC proposal content is assembled based on the components (product image, benefits, overview and/or features) that the user selects to output.  The SPC approach provides the most consistent formatting approach relative to the Word doc section approach (managed via the Doc Section Manager), which provides more formatting flexibility but less consistency.

Generating Docs Based on Named Excel Ranges

You can also generate Word document sections that are based on named Excel ranges within any SalesDoc Architect tab.  This enables companies to perform calculations (such as for leasing options) or accept user inputs (such as for customer pre-sales checklists) within the Excel-based tab, then insert the Excel range into Word-based outputs generated by SalesDoc Architect.

For more information, please refer to the help topic on Generating Docs Based on Named Excel Ranges.



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