Architect Manager Quick Start

Welcome Architect Managers!

We’re very happy to have you as the Architect Manager (AM), administrator of SalesDoc Architect.  Architect Managers are able to customize the SalesDoc Architect application to meet your specific business needs:

Using SalesDoc Architect Manager

Open SalesDoc Architect Manager via the icon on your Desktop (or via Start/Programs/CorsPro).  From here, SalesDoc Architect may be customized for your company via a simple 5-step process.

Use any of Excel’s built-in formulas to create configuration logic that references other cells on a product or services tab.  However, SalesDoc Architect’s real power is its ability to reference products and services configured on other tabs without using direct cell-reference formulas, enabling SalesDoc Architect to become a sort of relational database of configuration tab components.  SalesDoc Architect accomplishes this by enabling you to associate part numbers with items, which in turn are tracked and summed across all tabs for a particular quotation and can be referenced on any tab within that configuration.  For more information on this very important concept, please refer to the Help topic on Associating Parts, Items and Documents.

Update products and services tabs by opening them from your c:\Program Files\CorsPro\PQuote\Tabs folder.

For more information, please refer to the Help topic on Creating and Updating Configuration Tabs.

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