How to Setup Auto-Naming and Auto-Saving in your Quote Files

Auto-Saving and Auto-Naming your Quote Files

You might encounter this when you want to set up an intuitive naming scheme for your quotes and folders where SDA quotes are saved. Resources needed to make this work:

A Sample Scenario

Your user is working on a quote for the Happy Hospital System, which has multiple site locations (multi-site quote). You’d like to store all of the site quotes for this client in one folder and each quote should be named so you can easily see which quote is for which site.

Auto File-Naming Steps

Here’s an example of an Excel formula you can use to create the auto save filename.

=UPPER(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(CustomerName,” “,””),5))&”“&UPPER(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(SiteDescription,” “,””),5))

We suggest using the SUBSTITUTE Excel function to remove any spaces in a file or folder name to avoid confusion. The above example will put the first leftmost 5 characters of a customer name as entered in the quote, a dash, then the first leftmost 5 characters of the site description to create a unique file name for quotes. The “UPPER” part of the formula will then capitalize the entire file name.

It is also helpful to click into the cell next to your named range and add a label for that cell, something like “Quote Save Name” or something descriptive.

Auto File Saving Steps

It’s the same process to define a save path to a location you’ve chosen to store your quotes– SDA will calculate the folder path for you using Excel formulas and data from your current quote. If the folder doesn’t exist yet, it will be auto-created.

=SUBSTITUTE(“C:\Quotes\”&PreparedBy&”\”&YEAR(NOW())&”\”&CustomerNam e&”\”,” “,””)

Don’t forget that when you make changes to your Base Info tab you will need to create and push updates out to your users so they get the new version of the tab. All new quotes they create after updating will have the new version of the Base Info tab, and if they open any existing quote files they will need to do a Add-Ins > Update Tabs > Update all tabs using current inputs to update the Base Info tab to the newer version. Using the Auto-Saving functionality within.

SalesDoc Architect saves you and your users time, ensures consistency and makes it easy to find the files you need. Investing the time to enable these features is well worth it!

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