MiscProd Module

The Miscellaneous Products and Services (“MiscProd”) module configures peripheral products, services and first year support plans based on products that have been configured on other product tabs or that have been imported into SalesDoc Architect from “outside” product configurators. The MiscProd Module is specifically tailored for each of our clients, so it’s difficult to generalize within this Help topic.

In most cases, the MiscProd Module should be able to auto-configure all services, peripheral products and first year support plans that would accompany the “core system” products that users configure. However, users may want to adjust one or more items on this module.

In some cases, peripheral product configuration may not be totally automated. Users may need to manually select one or more of the peripheral products.  For example, if SalesDoc Architect lists that an “application server” is required, enter the appropriate quantity for the application server that the company uses.

Contact your SDA Administrator for common items that need to be added to your MiscItems tab.





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