How To Add 3rd Party Parts to an SDA Quote

Adding Third Party and Miscellaneous Products To Your SalesDoc Architect Quotes

When you need to quote a part or product that isn’t in the SDA price book (for example, a TV, extra monitor, PC or Desktop, etc.) you need to do the following tasks.

For the parts you want to add, you’ll need to know the item price, and their pricing category (PriceCat) and Product Category (ProductCat).

Entering Items Manually via the Write-In tab

If you have just a few parts to add, manually writing in the parts one at a time is quick and easy.

  1. An item description
  2. The purchase price (column AE)
  3. The “Price Cat” and “Product Cat” (columns AF and AG) for your item. These last columns are dropdown menus – you can select the category that fits your item (e.g. MitelOEM, Services, Misc, etc.)


Entering Items Using an Excel File

If you are adding many parts to your quote, it is faster and easier to import them from an Excel file that you create. Follow these steps:

“Qty”, “Part Number”, “Description”, “Unit MSRP” and “Unit Cost”.

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