Usage and How-To Issues

Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Usage and How-To Issues:

How do I get a configuration created with the Mitel CPQ tool into SDA?

When you are using Mitel’s CPQ tool, you need to save the configuration you create as a margin report and then import it to SDA. Follow these steps to generate a Mitel CPQ margin report.

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When I open a new quote file my miscprod tab isn’t included with the other default tabs. What’s going on?

If the default quote template file gets corrupted then SDA won’t automatically include the miscprod tab. To remedy this, first delete the quote template file Quote.xlt, located in your C:\CorsPro\PQuote\Data folder. Then open SDA and start a new quote file via the Architect-New quote menu pull. This will cause a new quote template file to be generated which includes the miscprod tab.

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Why do I not see all parts in the price book for a manufacturer to which I subscribe?

CorsPro doesn’t maintain pricing/costing for all manufacturers. As a result, some items don’t appear in the price book. They are set up with ManualItem=“Y” in the parts master so that pricing/costing MUST be obtained during the import process from the manufacturer’s configurator.

If you would like to maintain that pricing/costing so that these items appear in the price book, you can do that, but your administrator will need to turn off Architect Manager’s “conflict handling” function so that you have free reign over all the fields (especially pricing/costing) for all parts. Once you do that, you’ll no longer get conflicts identified in the merge process. However, you can use the “Part conflicts with vendor database” report to identify and manage conflicts.

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How do I delete something on my quote file?

The short answer is… you don’t! When you import a configuration from a manufacturer’s configurator tool you cannot delete the item in the SDA quote file. If you change the quantity of the item to zero, however, it will not show up in any outputs you subsequently produce (SOW, proposal, order extract, etc.).

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Sometimes a manufacturer gives us an additional promotional discount. How can I add that to my quote?

There are several ways to apply a special discount to your quote. You can enter additional special or promotional customer discounts at the bottom of the pricing tab, in the Vendor Discount Categories section. Enter the additional discount in the ‘Adj’ column. Note that this will apply the discounts just to the current quote.

If you want to make this discount apply to all quotes that you generate you will want to ask the Architect Manager for your installation to make changes to your vendor discount categories, or add a permanent ‘additional discount’ row to the MiscProd tab. More information is available in the SDA and Architect Manager help guides.

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I’m the SDA administrator for my company and I need to update the manufacturer discounts for our SDA users. How do I do that, and how do I get the updated information out to the users?

There are several steps involved in updating the manufacturer discounts:

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Where can I get more information about how to set up quote approval workflows for my company?

Implementing an approval workflow within SalesDoc Architect allows you to require quote file approvals by “role”, lock quotes from further modification after they are approved and also hide costs within quote files. This is functionality that the SDA Administrator sets up. Detailed directions can be found in the Architect Manager User Guide (in Architect Manager, click on File/Setup/Approvals and then click on the Help button or press the F1 key.)

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How do I add a manufacturer or distributor import option to my Imports menu so that our users can import quotes from other configuration tools?

Your SDA administrator should contact the CorsPro support team at and let us know which import option you’d like to add. We will make a change to our license server so that the new import menu option will appear in your company’s Import menu.

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Why does SalesDoc Architect open very slowly in Excel 2003 and 2007?

You can speed up MS Excel’s responsiveness by enabling the Excel Lookup Wizard add-in. We don’t know why this works, but this usually solves the problem. To install it,

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Why doesn’t my Add-Ins button appear automatically in my tools ribbon when I open an SDA file? Or, Why don’t I have any tabs in my tools ribbon when I open SDA?

When this happens, SDA’s utility that monitors for SDA quote files has been disabled at some point in time and needs to be re-enabled as follows:

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