Installation and Update Issues

Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Installation and Update Issues:

I’ve updated my SDA to the latest release – but if I open one of my existing quotes it says at the top of my tabs a more recent version is available. Didn’t I just update everything?

If a user creates a brand new quote on a machine with the latest release of SDA then the quote file will have the latest version of the tabs. Quote files are just Excel files, however, and for the quote files you’ve previously created with SDA and saved, the tabs within those existing quote files do not get updated automatically just because you have updated your SDA version.

An SDA quote file is built by bringing tabs into an Excel spreadsheet. The file is static, meaning that when you start a quote, it pulls the empty ‘template’ tabs into the quote file and the user updates that specific set of tabs. When you do a tab update, it will reload that tab (and preserve the current user inputs if selected) if it sees a newer version of the template tab in your CorsPro folder. CorsPro uses this approach so that SDA users can retain an exact copy of what they quoted clients at a specific point in time (meaning those versions of the tabs/pricing/promos,etc.) – if SDA automatically updated tabs when it opened you wouldn’t be able to keep a copy of what you had originally proposed. SDA gives you the flexibility to KEEP the versions of the tabs that were in place when you originally did the quote, or to UPDATE them to the new versions if you so choose.

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I had a problem with my latest update – what did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

Most of the time the update process goes seamlessly. CorsPro releases updates on a monthly basis and the SDA administrators (AM) take these updates, incorporate any company specific content (such as specialized tabs, tables, etc.) and create end-user packages that get pushed out to the SDA users. If your update did not apply correctly the first place to check is with your SDA admin.

Some clients don’t have dedicated SDA admins to do this update process for them. If not, it’s important to follow the instructions included in the email from CorsPro when applying the updates:

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My server with Architect Manager on it crashed, and I need to re-install the Architect Manager program on a new machine – how do I do this?

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I’m re-installing my SDA on a different machine and getting a request for a Client Name and User Key. Where do I get that information?

This is probably happening because it has been a while since you last logged in and have not updated for some time.  User Keys are no longer being used as everything is done through the Cloud.  Contact your SDA Administrator to get your cloud password.  Then go to Architect / Updates and then “Update License via web”.  If your administrator is not available, contact

If you are the SDA administrator for your company, you can retrieve a user’s password from the Cloud Portal.  From the portal you can also generate a new password.

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I need help installing a new user’s machine with SalesDoc Architect (my site has a networked Architect Manager setup).

Before you start the installation, please make sure MS Excel and MS Word are closed/killed.

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As my company’s Architect Manager (i.e. SDA administrator), what maintenance should I be doing to ensure our users are up to date and safe? How do I get a backup of our content?

As the SDA admin, you will want to make sure your company’s investment in SalesDoc Architect is safe. You’ll want to have backups of all locations with SDA files and data, and you’ll want to know how to restore an SDA implementation for your end users. It’s also important that you continuously push out SDA and content updates to your users.

Make sure that you apply the manufacturer content updates that CorsPro sends you and then push those changes out to your users (Architect/Updates/Upload Updates).  This ensures your users have access to the most up to date vendor content and SDA features.

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