Support Agreement Renewal Nightmares – No More!

Support Agreement Renewal
January 13, 2017

Renewing existing maintenance and support agreements can be a nightmare.  In the old days, technicians were dispatched to do a physical count on the system – number of cards in the cabinet, phones on the desks, etc.  Today’s world is much different.  Yes, sometimes phones still sit on desks but gone are the days of a cabinet full of cards.  However, today’s technology assets are software driven so a count of applications turned on is just as important as the physical count of phones.  Add to the mix additional assets purchased during the life of the support contract.  No wonder many resellers don’t like to think about including support agreements in the initial sale.

How do you handle renewals or add-ons to a support agreement mid-stream?  CorsPro client AGC Networks uses SalesDoc Architect (SDA) to generate their support agreements.  Where once there were a number of spreadsheets for quoting and on-going support agreements, everything is now housed in SDA.

All in One Place

Using the ShoreTel web portal, users import a list of site locations and existing assets into SDA.  The services group then generates a budgetary pricing proposal for account managers’ review.  Once reviewed and updated, the information is inputted into the on-going support portion of SDA so that an agreement can be produced for the customer’s signature.

What makes this process unique?

  • Everything is done in ONE place (SDA)
  • Agreements can be fine-tuned to the line item
    • Different coverage can be assigned on a per item basis
    • Different renewal dates can be assigned on a per item basis
  • Increased accuracy – using SDA’s Excel tab structure only the pertinent options may be chosen
  • Super-fast process. Or as Stacy Lind, Inside Account Executive, said, “The easy renewals with only one site and few adds seriously take less than 10 minutes….that’s crazy fast!”

Including on-going support agreements with every sale increases the bottom line, brings a higher margin and creates an on-going revenue stream for years to come.  On-going support agreements give sales a reason to call on their customers and check in.  This creates a long-term relationship and perhaps some upselling opportunities.

SDA makes providing on-going support (and renewals) a dream.

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